Do you desire

  • A raised Frequency

  • Improved Vibration

  • Balance

  • Resonance with the Frequencies that represent Human Health

This would be Quantum Wellness, which is what the AO Scan Technology supports.

Some of the benefits you can expect with the AO Body Scan, a body analyzer that can be operated remotely from a mobile device or in person:

  • Safe and Non- invasive comprehensive scan

  • Simple method of measuring the health state of the entire body

  • Detailed visual health status of the organs, systems and tissues of the body.

  • Can identify future health issues early for preventative care.

  • A 24 page report clearly defining areas that need to be addressed to optimize your health.

And it does not diagnose, treat or cure disease. It supports wellness and balance so that the cell, tissue, blood or body returns to a state of total balance called homeostasis.

When the body is in homeostasis, there can be no disease.

Solex Quantum Living Advocates (QLAs) are ready to address your needs. Ask us about purchasing Solex ionic and energetic products, the AO Scan technology, or how to arrange a brief complimentary DEMC Scan or MAKE an appointment with us for a full body scan.  AO Scans results will be emailed to individual's email address.

Email me at jadaeg.ceo@thedivinebeautyco.com with your Name, Email, Height, Weight, and Photo

In order to read your frequencies, take the selfie photo on a blank wall with no facial jewelry, no glasses, just bare face on plain white background.